Sant Nischal Singh Ji Maharaj (Founder)

Sant Nischal Singh Ji Maharaj


Sant Nischal Singh Ji was born on 18th April 1882 at Mitha Tiwana (Pakistan) and with the blessings of his master, Mahant Jawahar Singh Ji, he mastered the Sikh Scriptures along with deep knowledge of other religious too. He had his education as Sanskrit Scholar at Vidya Peeth Haridwar and Varanasi. Well versed with the Sanskrit Granths, he was known as Pandit Sant Nischal Singh Ji. After partition of the country, Dera Santpura Yamuna Nagar was established by Sant Ji in 1953 in memory of the martyrs who had laid down their lives during the partition of Punjab in 1947 at Dera Sant Pura, Mandi Bahauddin, District Gujarat (Pakistan).

He had an immense faith in the power of education and he therefore established 53 schools and colleges at different places. Guru Nanak Girls College Santpura, Yamuna Nagar was established in 1973 with a holistic mission to impart meaningful education exclusively to the girls of the area. He preached love for education especially among women and downtrodden sections of society. After spreading the message of spirituality, Sewa (Selfless Service) and Simran (meditation), he merged into Param Jyoti on 23rd August 1978.