Vision/Mission/Quality Policy


Our Founder’s vision

Educating and overall development of women.

Our mission

Our commitment to society: to adorn it with women of substance.

Our goals

Small steps: Big leap. We march forward with an avowed aim to provide value based quality education and knowledge. Keeping pace with the changing world scenario, we make use of the latest technology in our teaching- learning methodology. Standing firm with our students at their decisive career junctures, we seek to revolutionize women education.

Vision for Future: Small steps: Big leap

  • With a very specific objective of imparting education to girls, the college has many courses which increase job prospects and are also within the reach of weaker sections of the society. The top Management, the Principal and the staff keep themselves abreast with the current needs of the society.
  • Bus facilities are provided to the girls coming from rural areas within the radius of 50 Kms.
  • Students are provided with different types of scholarships so that they are able to continue their studies.
  • Teachers visit rural areas to motivate the students to pursue higher education after 10+2.
  • Intimation about traditional as well as highly demanded courses.

Traditions and Value Orientations of the Institution

Our founder Sant Pandit Nischal Singh Ji Maharaj laid emphasis on keeping the students rooted to their culture and moral values. To fulfill his dream, we have developed following practices which inculcate the value system and nurture in the young minds the healthy traditions of Indian society:

  • Respect for all the religions.
  • The college has maintained a large number of books on various religions and faiths and encourages the students to read them. Such practice would inculcate in them the feelings of religious tolerance and brotherhood of mankind.
  • Morning Prayer is a daily routine in our college.
  • The college has in its premises Gurudwara Sahib which is open to all.
  • From time to time our college organizes seminars and invites various religious scholars to present their views.
  • Regular evening seminars on Divinity are held in college which are attended by the staff and the students of our college and our sister concern.
  • Celebration of cultural festivals like Lohri, Teej, Basant Utsav, Dussehra and Prakesh Utsav of Guru Ram Das ji followed by langar is a regular practice.
  • The college follows the teachings of the Great Guru and visionary Guru Nanak Dev Ji who propagated ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ & ‘Ek Pita Ekas Ke Hum Barik’. Students from different parts of the country belonging to different castes and creeds come here for higher education.

Vision for Future: Small steps: Big leap

With a progressive view to upgrade the college, there are different plans in place to improve & enhance the infrastructure – to provide adequate facilities to start new courses, enriching the faculty, increasing the teaching quality, developing e-content for our students in their easy to understand language from their own teachers are to name a few. We strongly believe that the futuristic vision of our college Management will make the dreams a reality. The plans are:-

  • To expand community college under UGC scheme
  • To start more buses in rural areas
  • To sign MOU with other universities / industries / NGOs
  • To establish separate wings for Self Financing Courses