GNG College

About library

The College Library: A Rich Resource Centre

The College boasts a well-equipped library offering a comprehensive collection of learning materials in print and electronic formats. This extensive collection includes over 67,000 books, subscriptions to 69 academic journals and magazines, and 17 newspapers in various languages, along with archived periodical volumes.

Enhancing Access through E-Resources:

The library subscribes to N-LIST, a service provided by the INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar. This subscription, forming part of the e-Shod Sindhu consortium, grants authorized users access to a vast digital collection exceeding 6,000 electronic journals and 33,500+ e-books. A dedicated browsing centre equipped with six computers and Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates convenient access to these e-resources.

Beyond Subscriptions: Open Educational Resources

In addition to subscribed resources, the library promotes access to a variety of freely available Open Educational Resources (OERs) including the National Digital Library of India (NDLI), E-PG Pathshala, SWAYAM, and Spoken Tutorials.

Technology for Efficiency:

The library employs a cloud-based software application, Weblib, for automation purposes. This system enables users to access the library database, Web-OPAC, remotely, 24/7. A designated display stand keeps patrons informed about library activities and new acquisitions.

A Conducive Learning Environment:

The library offers a seating capacity for approximately 200 students, ensuring a comfortable learning environment. Air-conditioning and LED lighting enhance the atmosphere for focused study. A dedicated faculty lounge provides a designated space for faculty research and reading. The well-stocked reference section caters to the research needs of faculty members.

Open Access and Additional Services:

The library adheres to an open access system, allowing students to conveniently browse and access books and other reading materials. Printing and photocopying facilities are also available for user convenience. For security purposes, CCTV cameras have been installed throughout the library.

Continuous Support:

The library regularly conducts workshops and orientation programs specifically designed to assist new students in navigating its resources and services.