Mahant Karamjit Singh Ji
GNG College

President’s Message

It was the propitious February of 1973 that witnessed the pious and far sighted vision of Pandit Sant Nischal Singh ji getting transformed into reality in the shape of Guru Nanak Girls College, Santpura, Yamunanagar. Sant Nischal Singh ji was a great sage and philanthropist whose whole life is a golden record which chronicles the acts of selfless service towards humanity. His viewpoint about women education was in league with those great minds whose thoughts transcend time and space to achieve universal value and veracity. Like many great saints and leaders of different eras, Sant ji too dreamt of an egalitarian society where women can stand at par with men and he truly understood the role which education plays in the development of an individual’s personality. Guru Nanak Girls College owes its genesis to this vision of women emancipation and empowerment through education.
In a time period when women education was almost an alien concept among the rural masses, Sant ji ventured ahead with the strength of his vision and conviction and laid the foundation stone of this premier institution in the presence of Panj Piaras. Guru Nanak Dev ji’s clarion call “Sou Kyon Manda Aakhiye jit Jame Raajaan” spurred a revolutionary change about the perception of women in society and by naming this college after the first Guru of Sikhs, Sant ji has paid a befitting homage to the harbinger of that positive change.
Guided by the piety and strength of Sant ji’s vision, Guru Nanak Girls College has been continuously surging ahead in the realm of quality education. By making education accessible and affordable to the girl students, the college has proved itself to be a threshold of developmental change. The institution is making consistent efforts of imparting quality education to girls by taking them out of the parochial confines of their villages. The dream to see our students achieving excellence in varied spheres of today’s hard and competitive world without compromising on their values; to see them take flight into the wider vistas of life has always sparked the passion of relentless endeavour among the dedicated Managing Committee and staff of the college.
I hope the college will maintain its tradition of touching new milestones of success in the years to come.