S. K T S Tulsi Ji
(Vice President)
GNG College

Vice President’s Message

Guru Nanak Girls College, Santpura, Yamunanagar was established in 1973 by the great visionary and philanthropist, Sant Pandit Nischal Singh ji Maharaj. In an era when girls were confined within the barriers of domesticity, Sant ji initiated this noble task of educating them and thereby opening before them new vistas of knowledge and self- sufficiency. Firm on his arduous mission of emancipating women from the shackles which illiteracy force upon them, Sant ji planted this sapling, which today has blossomed into a premier multi-faculty postgraduate institution.The four decades of this journey of GNG has witnessed the trials and tribulations which such voyages entail but what adds luster to the glorious history of this institution is that each step here has followed the call of conscience and duty, every decision here has been weighed on the scale of ethics and principles. And the college tries to disseminate the same message among its students so that they do not lose basic human values when they jump into the arena of modern materialistic and competitive world.
I see this college as a successful realization of the pious dream of Sant Pandit Nischal Singh ji Maharaj who dreamt of achieving a blend of worldly wisdom and moral integrity through education. His dream has been nurtured and taken care of by the Managing Committee and devoted staff of the college. His vision has always been our motivation. The golden result of this amalgam of motivation and dedication is in front of the world to see and appreciate.
May Almighty always bestow us with His grace so that we work diligently and conscientiously to take GNG to new heights.