Best Practices

A. Green Campus Initiatives

A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus. The green campus concept offers an institution the opportunity to take the lead in redefining its environmental culture and developing new paradigms by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of the mankind. Greening the campus is all about sweeping away wasteful inefficiencies and using conventional sources of energies for its daily power needs, correct disposal handling, purchase of environment friendly supplies and effective recycling program. Institute has to work out the time bound strategies to implement green campus initiatives. These strategies need to be incorporated into the institutional planning and budgeting processes with the aim of developing a clean and green campus. The objectives are as under:

  • To create awareness regarding environmental policy amongst the students and the staff.
  • To maintain pollution free campus by avoiding tobacco, pan-masala chewing, smoking etc on the campus. No smoking signboards are fixed all over the premises.
  • To observe ‘No Vehicle Day’ and keep the campus vehicle free. It helps to save the fuel, avoids the environmental pollution.
  • To reduce the sound pollution in the campus, we have built the seating arrangements in the shade of trees in our campus.
  • To protect and nurture the Flora and Fauna on the campus, botanical garden is being maintained
  • To maintain green campus, Green Audit is done regularly.

B. Energy and Waste Management

Preventing the environmental pollution through establishing efficient waste and recycling systems, and raising social awareness of topics such as waste-prevention and recycling are among the main goals. Waste management refers to the practice of collecting, transporting, processing or disposing of, managing and monitoring various waste materials. It is important to observe sustainability in this aspect so that every bit of waste can be managed in an efficient manner rather than just dumping it all in landfills. The objectives are as under:

  • To use Solar Energy on College Campus by installing Solar Lights and Solar water geysers in girls hostel.
  • To use energy efficient equipments like LED lamps, LED tubelights etc. for conservation of energy.
  • To sensitize the students and staff regarding the use of drinking water properly for which, we have provided purified (RO aqua-guard) drinking water facilities on the campus.
  • To bring in use the ‘Rain Water Harvesting’ on the campus. Rain water is collected and it is percolated in the land.
  • To maximize the use of ICT and minimize the use of paper. It will help to go towards ‘Paperless Office’.
  • To use the solid waste through vermin-compost on the campus and use it as a fertilizer for campus plants.
  • To use ‘Use me’ Dry and Wet dust bins in the college campus so as to keep college campus clean.
  • To make the campus plastic free, staff and students are encouraged to use jute bags and carry their own water bottles. “Say No to Plastic” signboards are fixed in various areas of the campus.
  • To maintain energy management, Energy Audit is done regularly