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Summer Camp for +2 Girls Students
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Program Outcomes And Course Outcomes
Sr. No.TitleDate
2MA Music vocal07-12-2023View
3Department of Zoology07-12-2023View
4Department of Social Work07-12-2023View
5Department of Sanskrit07-12-2023View
6Department of Punjabi07-12-2023View
7Department of Political Science07-12-2023View
8Department of Public Administration07-12-2023View
9Department of Physics07-12-2023View
10Department of Industrial Microbiology07-12-2023View
11Department of Physical Education07-12-2023View
12Department of Mathematics07-12-2023View
13Department of Marketing07-12-2023View
14Department of Home Science07-12-2023View
15Department of History07-12-2023View
16Department of Fine Arts07-12-2023View
17Department of Food and Nutrition07-12-2023View
18Department of Geography07-12-2023View
19Department of English07-12-2023View
20Department of hindi07-12-2023View
21Department of Economics07-12-2023View
22Department of Education07-12-2023View
23Department of Computer Science07-12-2023View
24Department of Clinical and Nutrition07-12-2023View
25Department of Botany07-12-2023View
26Department of Bio technology07-12-2023View
27Department of Music Vocal07-12-2023View
29Program outcomes of all Programs07-12-2023View
Lesson Plan For Geography

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan For Geography07-12-2023View

Lesson Plan For CND
Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of CND Department08-12-2023View
Lesson Plan For Fine Arts

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plans Of Fine Arts Department08-12-2023View

Appointment Criteria
Sr. No.TitleDate
1Library Attendant Criteria24-01-2023View
2DHE Approval Non Teaching posts24-01-2023View
3Library Restorer Criteria 2022_page-002024-01-2022View
4Library Attendant Criteria 2022_page-002724-01-2022View
Status Of Retired Teachers In College

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Annexure of UGC instructions Compliance18-11-2023View
2Status of Retired teachers in College29-07-2021View

Mandatory Disclosure For BSc-B.Ed And B.A-B.Ed

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Appointment of Teaching Staff against Vacancies and their salary08-12-2023View
2Undertaking for fulfilling Norms and standards17-07-2020View
3Facilities added during last quarter17-07-2020View
7College Application Form17-07-2020View
8Faculty members left or joined during the last quarter28-05-2021View
9Detail of library Facilities28-05-2021View
10List of Faculty Members28-05-2021View
11Staff Profile28-05-2021View
131st Year Student Detail_B.SC._B.ED.25-01-2022View
142nd Year Student Detail_B.SC._B.ED.25-01-2022View
153rd Year Student Detail_B.SC._B.ED.25-01-2022View
164th Year Student Detail_B.SC._B.ED.25-01-2022View
171st Year student detail_BA_BED25-01-2022View
182nd Year student detail_BA_BED25-01-2022View
193rd Year student detail_BA_BED25-01-2022View
204th Year student detail_BA_BED25-01-2022View
21Balance Sheet 2019-2028-05-2021View
22Balance Sheet 2020-2112-02-2022View
23Letter of approval of B.A. B.Ed. & B.Sc. B.Ed.16-05-2022View

POSE Scholarship

Sr. No.TitleDate
1POSE Guidelines19-07-2018View
2POSE Procedure19-07-2018View

Time Table For Even Semester 2022
Sr. No.TitleDate
1Home Science Faculty time table for Even Semester 202206-07-2022View
2Science Faculty time table for Even Semester 202206-07-2022View
3Commerce Time Table for Even Semester 202206-07-2022View
Lesson Plan For Music

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Music Instrument Department25-11-2023View
2Lesson Plans of Music Vocal Department25-11-2023View
3BA_I_Music Instrument10-07-2018View
4BA_I_Music Vocal Theory07-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Zoology

Sr. No.TitleDate

Lesson Plan For Computer Science

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plans of Computer Department06-10-2023View
2B.SC_I_PC Software09-07-2018View
3B.SC_I_Computer and Programming Fundamentals09-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Marketing

Sr. No.TitleDate

Lesson Plan For Sanskrit

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Sanskrit Department01-10-2023View
2BA_I_Sanskrit Comp.07-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For History

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of History Department06-11-2023View
2BA_I_Ancient India07-07-2018View
3BA_I_History Hons._Paper 107-07-2018View
4BA_I_History Hons._Paper 207-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Political Science

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Political Science Department08-12-2023View
2B.A. I_Sem II_Paper -Indian Politics09-12-2017View

Lesson Plan For Punjabi
Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Punjabi Department18-11-2023View
2BA_I_Punjabi Elec.07-07-2018View
Lesson Plan For Economics

Sr. No.TitleDate
1M.A. Eco. Previous02-12-2023View
2BA_I_Economics Hons._Micro Economics10-07-2018View
3BA_I_Micro Economics10-07-2018View
4BA I_Eco. Hons._Macro Economics08-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Maths

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan of Mathematics Department08-12-2023View
2BA_BSC_I_Paper 107-07-2018View
3BA_BSC_I_Paper 207-07-2018View
4BA_BSC_I_Paper 307-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Botany

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Botany Department06-11-2023View

Lesson Plan For Commerce

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plans Of Marketing Department01-10-2023View
2Commerce Department01-10-2023View
3B.COM_I_B_Business Communication10-07-2018View
6B.COM_I_Micro Economics09-07-2018View
7B.COM_I_Business Management09-07-2018View
8B.COM_I_Computer Applications in Business09-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Physical Education

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Physical Education Department18-12-2023View
2BA I_Health and Physical Education18-12-2023View

Lesson Plan For Physics

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plans Of Physics Department06-11-2023View
2BSC I_Physics06-07-2018View
3BSC I_Paper 2_Physics06-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Industriual Microbiology

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plans Of Industriual Microbiology Department06-11-2023View

Lesson Plan For Biotechnology

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Biotechnology Department06-11-2023View

Lesson Plan For Hindi
Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Hindi Department18-11-2023View
2BA_I_Hindi Elective09-07-2018View
3BA_I_Hindi Comp.09-07-2018View
4BA_I_Hindi Comp.07-07-2018View
5BA I _HONS._PAPER I HINDI06-07-2018View
Lesson Plan For Chemistry

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plans Of Chemistry Department06-11-2023View
2B.SC_I_Physical Chemistry07-07-2018View
3BSC I_Organic Chemistry08-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For English

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of English Department08-12-2023View
2BA_I_English Hons.10-07-2018View
3BA_I_English Hons.10-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Home Science

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Home Science Department22-11-2023View
2Lesson Plan Of Fashion Designing Department22-11-2023View
5B.SC_I_Home Sci_Hygiene09-07-2018View
6B.SC_I_Home Sci_Introduction to Human Development09-07-2018View
7BSC I_Introduction to Textiles_Home Science06-07-2018View

Lesson Plan For Social Work

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Lesson Plan Of Social Work Department06-11-2023View

Vacancy Advertisement
Sr. No.TitleDate
1Advertisement for the post of Lady assistant professor for B.A.B.Ed & B.Sc. B.Ed under self finance scheme31-03-2024View
2Advertisement for Lady Principal on Permanent Post01-10-2023View
3Interview Schedule for the Post of Peon16-08-2023View
4Interview Schedule for the Post of Lab Attendant16-08-2023View
5Vacancy Advertisement Home Sc. & Botany01-08-2023View
6Interview for the post of Assistant Professor in Economics, History and Hindi18-07-2023View
7Advertisement for Non Teaching Post06-07-2023View
8Form of Application of Teaching Post27-06-2023View
9Post of Assistant Professor27-06-2023View
10Advertisement for Lady Principal on Permanent Post12-01-2023View
11Application form for the Post of Principal07-01-2023View
12Written Test and Interview schedule for Non-Teaching Permanent Posts06-10-2022View
13Interview Schedule for Asstt. Prof. in Commerce Permanent Post06-10-2022View
14Interview Schedule for Asstt. Prof. in Home Sc. Permanent Post06-10-2022View
15Lady Assistant Professor in Home Science & Commerce14-09-2022View
16Lady Assistant Professors on contract basis25-07-2022View
17Application Form For Teaching Post25-07-2022View
18Advertisement for Non Teaching Post Form02-07-2022View
19Advertisement for Non Teaching Post02-07-2022View
20Advertisement for the post of Lady Assistant Professor for B.A.B.Ed & B.Sc. B.Ed on regular basis.08-07-2021View
21Advertisement for Lady Principal on Permanent Post20-01-2020View
BA-B.Ed. And BSc.-B.Ed. 4 Year Integrated Course

Sr. No.TitleDate
1Fixed Deposits08-09-2017View
4Fixed Deposits-Receipt08-09-2017View
7New Affidavit-108-09-2017View
8New Affidavit-208-09-2017View
12Faculty Details-108-09-2017View
13Faculty Details-208-09-2017View
14Faculty Details-308-09-2017View
15Faculty Details-408-09-2017View
16Faculty Details-508-09-2017View
17Faculty Details-608-09-2017View