GNG College

Major/Minor Research Project

Sr No.Title of Research ProjectFunding AgencyInvestigator
1Major Research Project titled ‘Antimicrobial Activity of Some Phytochemicals obtained from some members of families Asteraceae and Solanaceae’UGCDr. Gurinderjit Kaur
Deptt. Of Life Science
2Major Research Project titled ‘Software Process Engineering’UGCDr. Ritu Soni
Deptt. Of Computer Sc.
3Major Research Project titled ‘Dynamics of Retail and Consumer growth in India’UGCDr. Harvinder Kaur
Deptt. Of Commerce
4Minor Research Project titled ‘Vrihatriya me Varnit Vanaspatian: Sahitiyak evam Sanskritik adhayayan’UGCDr. Amita Redhu
Deptt. Of Sanskrit
5Minor Research Project titled ‘Nana Puran Nigmaagam ke Sandarbh me Ramcharitmanas ka Singhvlokan’UGCDr. Geetu
Deptt. Of Hindi
6Minor Research Project titled ‘Assessment of the Potential of Cassia, Ageratum and Cyperus Species in the Phytoremediation of Soil Pollutant of Metal Industries with Special Reference to Heavy Metal’UGCMrs. Deepika Rani
Deptt. Of Botany
7Minor Research Project titled ‘Changing role of Public Sector in India under Economic Reform’UGCDr. Harvinder Kaur
Deptt. Of Commerce
8Minor Research Project titled ‘An Empirical Evaluation of Seven Criteria under New Methodology by Accreditation of NAAC’UGCDr. Ranjana Malik
Deptt. Of Commerce