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Integrated Course

Guru Nanak Girls College is the only college of Yamunanagar district offering 4 years integrated B.A.B.ED and B.Sc.B.Ed. Programme since 2018. This integrated programme equips future teachers for nation building in accordance with UGC and NCTE criteria. The B.A.B.Ed. and B.SC.B.Ed is undergraduate dual degree programme that combines a Bachelor of Humanities or Science and a Bachelor of Education into one integrated package. The ultimate aim of this programme is provision of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities as well as problem solving skills amongst its students who are the prospective teachers. Another feather in the cap of this programme is sixteen week internship programme of observation in schools for hands on realistic experiences and improvisation of practical aptitude among the students thereby strengthening students’ experiential knowledge.
This course holds pivotal importance rural meritorious students who take this course and can be financially independent one year ahead than their single degree doer counterparts. The college has done the best possible efforts to provide conducive-learning environment to the young aspirants and making this programme successful as per new NEP guidelines.

Teaching Practice B.A. B.Ed & B.Sc. B.Ed

Working with Community

Creating Environmental Consciousness

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