Mrs. Neetu Grover
PGT Teacher, Dept of English,Sant Nischal Singh Public School,Yamunanagar
The two years, from 2009-2011 which I spent immersed in Post Graduate course at GNG College, Yamunanagar were transformative. I came to the college after being a housewife for more than a decade. The experience was like a journey full of challenges, but here I was trained in a consistently supportive environment. The unparalleled depth and quality of supervision with warm, nurturing foundation allowed growth in a safe environment. When I started, I could not have imagined how life changing it would be. I can say without hesitation that those two years spent at GNG were instrumental in my development as a future lecturer. It was the time when I was struggling to find out myself and my teachers welcomed me, supported me and encouraged me during this difficult and strenuous time. I found myself making mistakes and they corrected me and gifted me a stronger sense of myself. The college faculty is unmatched anywhere in Yamunanagar. Among the faculty M’am Priyanka Kadyan etched the most indelible impressions. She is a person of considerable stature, personality wise and scholastically. Her smile exposes the big hearted woman that she in fact is. She instilled in me the ability to speak with confidence. That gift has carried me safely through the briar patches of life's many challenges. I think anyone who has the opportunity to study at GNG College will always gain something valuable both personally and professionally. I am glad I got an opportunity in life to become a part of this wonderful family. GNG College is the place I call ‘My Educational Home’. When I entered my professional world, I was given a warm welcome. My professional journey began as a lecturer in English at D.A.V College for Girls and at present I am a PGT in English in Sant Nischal Singh Public School, Yamunanagar, the most reputed educational institution in the twin city. Here I am the ISA coordinator and have bagged the award for co-coordinating the integration of international learning in the curriculum.